Celebrity: No one will ever believe this latest Bill Murray tale


Will Dean
Tuesday 16 October 2012 22:54
Unbelievable: 'Groundhog Day' star Bill Murray
Unbelievable: 'Groundhog Day' star Bill Murray

There's a wonderful urban myth that Bill Murray once grabbed someone from behind, covered their eyes and – when they turned around to see that it was the Groundhog Day star – he whispered "No one will ever believe you" and walked off. It may or not be true (Murray sort-of denied it when asked by GQ) but it's the kind of story that makes everyone love Murray a little bit more.

There's even a website, BillMurraystory.com, where people recount their "encounters" in which Murray appears in unlikely situations – ie, solving a maths puzzle in a café – before signing off with him telling them "no one will ever believe you".

For once, though, people will believe a Murray anecdote. Namely that of a group of New Yorkers who had the actor join them in a park kickball game on Roosevelt Island.

Murray – who was on the island with his two sons, according to some of the kickball players interviewed by the website College Humour – joined in the game for 10 minutes having met the referee on the subway on the way to the game.

But, lest the story descend into myth, the kickballers were smart enough to take a picture. If they hadn't no-one would ever have believed them.

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