'How can I meet Stephen Fry?'


Saturday 15 March 2014 01:00

Be a student and write a begging letter, it worked for me. Sir Stephen (it's only a matter of time) very kindly wrote back, agreed to my interview, arranged for a lunchtime meeting at the very fancy L'Escargot and footed the bill, too. His kindness didn't stop there; being entirely green at the whole interview thing I rolled up with an Eighties-style boom box and plonked it on the table leaving barely enough room for the side plates. He didn't say a word.

I've never forgotten his generosity and now make an effort to help students with their projects whenever I can. Still don't spring for lunch though.

David Crane

You could certainly employ him. Stephen Fry is a performer and he works for money. Given the right project, and paid the going rate, this would not only be an excellent opportunity to meet him, but also to discuss his work (specifically the work you have for him) and watch him up close.

How about a prequel to Smiley's People? That would be a good pitch. Or a quiz show presented by Jeeves and Wooster?

Even better – a technology show for beginners, starring Wooster as the clueless user, unable to even turn an iPod on, and Jeeves as the expert... Editions of the weekly magazine would be titled things like 'Wooster and Wi-Fi', 'Jeeves and Java', 'Wooster Edits a Wiki', and so on...

In short – come up with a project; find a budget; move it into production; contact Mr Fry and invite him on-board.

Tim Bushell

Have you tried posting up a 'How can I meet Stephen Fry?' question on Quora? It might get his attention and the concept of a question becoming its own answer might be interesting enough to work. Long-shot though, but give it a go.

James Sutherland

Luck, I fear. I don't really do 'Personal Appearances', such as opening supermarkets. But I do signings and talks when I have a book coming out. Your best shot was in New York from October '13 to last week when I was playing Malvolio [in Twelfth Night] at the Belasco on Broadway. You could hang at the stage door and I'd come out and do autographs and chatter and whatnot. Otherwise, I simply don't have the time to arrange a cup of coffee with a stranger, no matter how harmless and friendly – hope that's an acceptable answer... SJF.

Stephen Fry

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