Jennifer Lawrence nude photos leak: More celebrities allegedly targeted as third wave of hacked images released

More nude and private images of female celebrities were reportedly released on web forums on Friday

Natasha Culzac
Tuesday 30 September 2014 09:57
Cara Delevingne is reportedly among the celebrities targeted in the third release of hacked private images
Cara Delevingne is reportedly among the celebrities targeted in the third release of hacked private images

Hackers have yet to become tired of their invasive efforts to embarrass large swathes of the female Hollywood elite, as shown in yet another – the third – leak of private and intimate images.

This time, unverified photographs taken from devices owned by Twilight actress Anna Kendrick and Olympic gold medallist Misty May-Treanor were unveiled to 4chan and Reddit forum users.

All of the 87 Kendrick photos were thought to show her clothed, however, and included pictures of the actress having fun with friends on nights out in images not too dissimilar of most people in their twenties.

The image dump happened on Friday afternoon, the Daily Beast reports, and also included model Cara Delevingne, Going the Distance actress Kelli Garner and Briana Evigan from the Step-Up series, with further images of Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence also uploaded.

In what has been dubbed ‘The Fappening 3’, this latest leak comes after the initial release of images stolen from over 100 female celebrities a month ago and a second lot that was spread online last weekend.

In the second bout, Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Ratajkowski, Mary-Kate Olsen and Rihanna were targeted.

Earlier this month, after the first wave of images were released leading to both the FBI and Apple investigating the security beach, Kendrick, who wasn’t part of that original leak, commented that even if she had been “it would just be photos of food and other people’s dogs anyway".

Kendrick made the statement on Twitter in response to a text message she’d received from her brother which said “I have never been happier to not see your name on a list”.

She had also later told the QMI Agency around the same time: “It certainly makes me sad for the girls who were affected, and bummed out that people won’t be able to do that stuff, because it’s a part of life and if you want to you should be able.

Actress Anna Kendrick

“When stuff like that happens, I feel really grateful for my paranoia and really sad for people who are just trying to live their life like a normal person. And I hope that guy goes to jail.”

Thankfully, an countdown which had purportedly been created by hackers threatening to release images of Emma Watson, turned out to be an elaborate hoax.

It had been launched by a fake marketing company called Rantic Media after the Harry Potter actress and UN ambassador launched the ‘HeForShe’ campaign for gender equality.

Cara Delevingne and Anna Kendrick have yet to responded to requests by The Independent for comment.

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