Kim Novak: Rose McGowan blasts ‘self-obsessed’ Oscars 2014 audience for not giving iconic star standing ovation

The actress took to Twitter to vent her rage at treatment of the veteran Hollywood icon

Jenn Selby@JennSelby
Monday 03 March 2014 07:16

Rose McGowan was so enraged by the A-list audience at this year’s Academy Awards, so took to Twitter vent her anger.

The actress called the entire crowd “self-obsessed” after they failed to give 81-year-old actress Kim Novak (famed for her role in Hitchcock's Vertigo, among others) a standing ovation when she took to the stage to present alongside Matthew McConaughey at the show.

“Kim Novak! No standing ovation?! Self-obsessed and disrespectful, that sums up the Oscar audience,” she wrote, before posting a series of images of the Hollywood icon via her Instagram page with some equally riled up captions.

Retweeting herself, she posted: “You are all lucky that she graced you with her presence RT @rosemcgowan: Disgusted by the uneducated twits that make up the audience at this year's oscars. Gross. It's Kim Novak, a—holes. #EDUCATEYOURSELVES.”

Her embittered post sparked some backlash from McGowan fans.

One tweeted her, writing: “I usually love you but calm down! It's an actor not Jesus.”

Rose McGowan was particularly riled by the lack of applause for Novak at the Oscars 2014

“It's called Hollywood history, their occupation,” she responded.

“Okay, I feel better now having gotten that off if my chest. Little tantrum over,” she ended the rant with.

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