Paul Walker death caused by speed alone

Speaking anonymously, a police official said that the driver of the car had lost control of the vehicle due to 'speed, and speed alone'

Jenn Selby
Thursday 19 December 2013 10:08
Paul Walker tops list of the most searched for People of 2013
Paul Walker tops list of the most searched for People of 2013

Paul Walker’s death was not caused by a mechanical problem with the Porsche Carrera GT that he was driving, according to investigators.

Instead, the crash that killed the Fast & Furious star was caused by the speed of the vehicle.

Speaking anonymously, a police official said that the driver of the car had lost control of the vehicle due to “speed, and speed alone”.

Further investigation also ruled out the chance that debris in the road caused the car to smash into a street light and a tree.

However, investigators refused to state what speed they think the car was travelling at before it careered off course until specialist Porsche engineers arrive in California next month to extract the information from the on-board data collectors.

The three black boxes recovered from the wreck will determine the speed the car was travelling at, whether airbags were deployed or not, as well as throttle and engine readings, Sky News reports.

Paul Walker was finally laid to rest at a private ceremony at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in the Hollywood Hills on Sunday.

Paul Walker's Funeral: Friends Bid The Star A Final Farewell

The service marked an opportunity for Walker’s closest friends and family to say goodbye to the Fast & Furious star, who died alongside Roger Rodas in a car crash on 30 November.

“A few people got up and gave tributes to Paul,” a source told US Weekly. “It was hard for many people to talk, they were in tears and couldn't finish what they were saying.”

“It was a really sad day for so many people, and you could tell they just weren't ready to say goodbye. His parents were there, along with his brothers and some other family members. Everyone was hugging each other tight and didn't want to let go.”

Ludacris shared images of the Order of Service via his Instagram account. Tyrese Gibson also paid a further tribute to the star, posting the following message:

“Today In a room full of your loved ones I wish today was your wedding instead.... God has a better plan even beyond ALL of our own understandings...... For selfish reasons we all wanted you to stay, another laugh, another take, another talk, another moment..... I guess you can't get all you ask for in life.... But our hearts are FULL from all the moments we DID have, 13 years of laughter and grace, humility and love.....

“Never did I take my access for granted.... Continue praying for his #Family, his daughter #Meadow, you are the WORLDS best friend that's why we're all feeling it... #RIHAW Rest In Heaven Angel Walker[sic]”

The intimate ceremony follows a public memorial last weekend.

Thousands gathered to lay gifts and take part in a motor procession in Santa Clarita, where Paul and Roger died.

See Pictures From Paul Walker's Memorial Here

Fans revved their engines in honour at the social media-organised event, which was also attended by friends of the star, including co-star Rick Yune.

“We mourn his loss, but maybe we could just remember how great a guy this guy was and celebrate his life,” Yune said.

Family and friends followed Walker’s funeral with a wake on the beach in Santa Barbara, where Fast & Furious co-stars, family and friends were seen playing football in the sunshine.

Paul Walker recently topped Google's Zeitgeist list of the most searched for people of 2013.

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