Rik Mayall dead: A fan once asked for his autograph, here is his excellent written response

A fan once asked for Rik Mayall's autograph, here is his brilliant response

Christopher Hooton
Wednesday 11 June 2014 09:04
Mayall's letter got a fairly serious re-draft
Mayall's letter got a fairly serious re-draft

Rik Mayall died this morning at the age of 56, a beloved comedian and actor known for, among other things, his penchant for profanity.

Aside from the obvious classic Young Ones quotes, this was famously exhibited in a letter he wrote to a fan back in 2008.

An autograph hunter named Dan emailed a representative of Mayall in the hope of adding a signature to his collection.

Over a month later, he received this handwritten response in the post:

"Here you are you cheapskate money-grabbing Welsh c*nt — where's the f*cking envelope you deformity??

"Here you are Daniel, thank you so much for writing. I hope you like the picture.

"Best wishes my dear friend."

(Signed, 'Rik Mayall')

Opening my very own Twitter to stop another bastard from doing it. So f**k off & don't expect to hear from me any time soon. Love Rik x

— Rik Mayall (@rikmayall) April 13, 2010

Mayall was left seriously ill after a quad bike accident in 1998 which left him in a coma for several days, but was working until recently. A spokeswoman confirmed that the actor died at his home in London.

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