Noel Gallagher talks about 'roaring drunk' night out with 'f**king mental' Morrissey and Russell Brand

The Oasis star says he could 'write a book' about their evening

Helen Nianias
Tuesday 17 February 2015 11:33

Noel Gallagher has spoken about a night out in Los Angeles with Russell Brand and Morrissey, who was branded "f**king mental".

Speaking to the Quietus, Gallagher spoke about getting "roaring drunk" with the Smiths frontman - leaving a sober Russell Brand a third wheel.

"F**king hell, it was funny," Gallagher said. "I was in LA on holiday with Sara [MacDonald, his wife] and the boys, and Russell [Brand] came to see us. And he goes: 'What you doing tonight? I was with Morrissey last night, and he reckons we should go out for a drink.' So Russell's texting him from my hotel room, saying: 'It's on,' and Morrissey's texting back, going [does pitch-perfect, drawling Morrissey impression] 'Wonderful. Tell him to bring his credit card.'

Morrissey, 1988

"And we get to this gaff – this is like at seven in the evening – and I'm saying to Russell: 'I'm up for it tonight, but I don't want to keep Sara up all night, we'll kick things in the head about two.' And Russell snorts. '2 o'clock? We'll be out of here in 40 minutes! I can't handle Morrissey for more than 40 minutes: he's f**king mental!' So, we go in, and there he's sat, and I could write a book on that night.

"Russell doesn't drink so me and Morrissey were roaring drunk. First thing, he got up and sort of shook my hand. I said: 'Alright mate, how're you doing?' because I've met him at awards ceremonies, I've been on planes with him going to festivals. He'd just cancelled all the gigs in South America because he had whatever it was. So I go: 'I thought you just cancelled a load of gigs, I thought you were at death's door.' And he said [raises eyebrows, does the voice again] 'Yet here I am'.

"So it just descended, and he was f**king hilarious. He doesn't have a good word to say about anyone, anyone, anything. At one point he was asking [the voice again]: 'Who do we find funny?' and I was like: 'I don't know? Micky Flanagan?' and he'd just go [rolls eyes back in head, puts fingertips of stretched-out on table, shouts exasperatedly] 'Micky Flanagan!!!!'. And I'd say, "What about Jack Dee?' and he'd just go [leans forward and shouts] 'He! Is! Not! FUNN-Y!' Russell was just so nervous, and Morrissey was going, 'Come on, come on, can't we drink champagne and get pissed.' It just went on for quite a while, and he was brilliant."

In the interview, Gallagher also gives his opinion on The X Factor ("it's a good TV show), how to have a hit song ("write a f**king decent chorus") and whether he's happier working without Liam ("oh, f**king infinitely, yeah").

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