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Orange is the New Black actor Matt McGorry discovers the meaning of feminism

The 28-year-old affirmed: 'I am a feminist'

Antonia Molloy
Friday 06 March 2015 15:45
Matt McGorry said he was "embarrassed" to admit that he hadn't previously understood the meaning of the word
Matt McGorry said he was "embarrassed" to admit that he hadn't previously understood the meaning of the word

He stars in a Netflix series hailed for its progressiveness in its portrayal of women – but actor Matt McGorry has admitted that he has only just truly grasped the meaning of feminism.

The 28-year old, who plays prison officer John Bennett in Orange is the New Black, yesterday posted a message on his official Facebook page, in which he explained that he now understands the significance of the word.

Writing beneath an image of the dictionary definition, McGorry said he was "embarrassed" to own up to his previous unawareness.

But he was clearly keen to make up for lost time as he wrote that it is "very tragic" when society fails to embrace feminism.

"Being a feminist is for both women AND men," McGorry stated.


He followed his post with a series of hashtags used to garner support for two feminist movements: Emma Watson's #HeForShe UN campaign and #LeanInTogether, which is inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In. Both campaigns call on men and women to work together to create a better world for both sexes.

McGorry, who also plays Asher Millstone in the forthcoming ABC series How to Get Away with Murder, said in another post that he had greatly benefited from reading Sandberg's book.

He told Cosmopolitan magazine that he had been inspired to do so after witnessing the challenges faced by a close female friend who is trying to start up her own company.

"[It] was an incredibly eye-opening experience about gender inequality in life, family and in the work force,"McGorry wrote on Facebook.

Orange is the New Black has been praised for its complex portrayal of life in a women’s prison, winning multiple awards in the process.

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