Pandora: Hail to the Greens: Thom gets political

Alice Azania-Jarvis
Friday 12 February 2010 01:00

It's been almost five years since Thom Yorke delivered his famous snub to Tony Blair by refusing to meet the then Prime Minister for a discussion on global warming.

Ever since, the right-on Radiohead frontman has declined to be drawn into party political debate, preferring instead to back organisations such as Friends of The Earth, Amnesty International and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Now, however, he appears to have broken the habit of a lifetime to deliver a quiet nod of approval to the Green Party.

Yorke has agreed to play a one-off solo gig at the Cambridge Corn Exchange in order to raise money for his long-term friend, and Green prospective parliamentary candidate, Tony Juniper. All proceeds from the £32.50 tickets will go towards Juniper's election campaign.

"Wouldn't it be nice to have someone who is actually doing more than paying lip service to climate change?" explained Yorke on his personal blog.

"Normally I wouldn't get involved in politics like this... but let's face it: it ain't Labour or the Tories is it? Anyway he bought me a pint and twisted my arm."

Sounds like a ringing endorsement to us.

Fetch the mothballs, Michael

Alas! It appears recent attempts to rid the Commons of its unusually aggressive moth infestation by planting foul-smelling pheromone pellets around the building were in vain. Nottingham North MP Graham Allen complains that he continues to endure the pests. "The fact is Michael Gove brought in a second-hand Moroccan carpet and ever since we have been plagued," he explains. Whether or not Mr Gove agrees with this interpretation remains to be seen. We were still awaiting his take on the matter last night.

Haute cuisine going out of fashion

Dispelling those enduring myths that a diet rich in frogs' legs is a sure fire way to retain one's figure is Raymond Blanc.

The Gallic chef complains that, contrary to popular perception, his home country is rapidly shedding its gourmet ways.

"In the past France has always been much more connected with its food, but less and less people cook in their own home," he laments. "We don't cook any more. With a culture of winning and winning at any cost, we don't have time to cook. It is not a priority."

Time to call in Jamie Oliver?

Winning a race? Piece of (pan)cake

From Prime Ministerial Kit Kats to Parliamentary pancakes: congratulations to MPs Mark Harper, Brian Iddon and Stephen Pound. The formidable threesome managed to seize victory from a team of lobby hacks in this week's parliamentary pancake race, hosted by the brain injury charity Rehab. Harper, we're told, ran the final lap, allowing him to carry the pan across the finish line. Apparently the prize was to eat the pancakes. Doing their bit for anti- obesity, then.

Katherine's brush with perfection

Few would claim the cherubic Katherine Jenkins is in need of an appointment with the airbrush.

Still, don't expect the glossy mezzo-soprano to be taking a Kate Winslet-style stance against the odd touch-up anytime soon.

"Airbrushing happens with everything now," she tells us. "People even airbrush their photos before they put them up on Facebook nowadays. It just happens. I feel the pressure like anybody else. All women do. As long as it isn't too dramatic then that is part of the job now."

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