People are seeing horns on Donald Trump's TIME cover

Whatever fits

Justin Carissimo
New York
Wednesday 07 December 2016 23:38

If you weren’t a fan of Donald Trump being named as TIME’s Person of the Year, you weren’t alone—and it seems like some staffers at the magazine weren’t either.

A closer look at the cover and the giant letter “M” masterfully placed behind the President elect’s head, reveals what look like horns protruding from his unusually thin, cornstalk-colored hair.

TIME has somewhat responded to the cover by recirculating past covers that appeared to give subjects the aforementioned devil horns. Unfortunately, whether they like it or not, this particular cover perfectly predicts the next four years of hell on the horizon.

And while TIME has stoked the fears of everyone working against the normalization of the president-elect, the reality is that they chose the man who arguably has made the biggest impact on our culture in 2016. This is why you see suspects running around Manhattan screaming his name while threatening to cut Muslim women’s throats, push them down the stairs, and rip the hijabs off their heads.

So whether or not the devil horns were intentional, they’ll remind readers of the spike in hate crimes (nearly 900) he’s inspired since he won the election.