Russell Brand calls his marriage to Katy Perry 'vapid' and 'vacuous' and admits he didn't think it would last in new documentary

Brand was married to the pop star for just fourteen months

Chris Mandle
Wednesday 28 October 2015 11:27

A new documentary about Russell Brand’s life sees the comedian call his marriage to Katy Perry “vapid and vacuous” while he admits that being famous and having money is “bull****”.

BRAND: The Second Coming is a frank look at the comedian’s life during some of his most turbulent moments, including his early days as an addict and the infamous 'Sachsgate' incident that saw him get fired from BBC Radio 2 after leaving a lewd answer phone message live on air.

Brand reflects on life in the public eye, and at one point discusses Perry, who he was married to for fourteen months.

During footage of Brand and Perry walking in public, Brand is heard saying “Oh my f****** god, I’m living this ‘llfe’. The very thing I detest. Vapid, vacuous celebrity,” adding that fame and “the power of money” are “b******t”.

Perry is also seen arguing with Brand, saying “I don’t want to give all this up. This is stupid!” before a newsreader announces that the two are to seperate.

“I’m going to have to life a different life now,” Brand is heard saying.

Following his stint in Hollywood, Brand has turned his attention to political activism. He guest-edited an issue of The New Statesman and famously appeared on Newsnight, where Jeremy Paxman derided him for encouraging young people not to vote.

The Daily Mail reports that elsewhere in the documentary Brand mocks his ex-wife during a stand-up routine, and admits to Stephen Merchant that he doesn’t think the marriage will last, saying: ‘It’s definitely good I’m with someone I love. But it’s not a resolution to anything spiritual.”

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