Russell Brand responds to Twitter's 'Parklife!' cries with his own parody Blur music video focusing on 'class strife'

Comedian sees the funny side of his sesquipedalian ways

Christopher Hooton
Monday 10 November 2014 15:31

Russell Brand has parodied the 'Parklife!' parodies, posting a music video on Twitter that sees him repurpose Blur's track for his one-man revolution.

"Verbal dexterity plus Estuary accent is what leads to parody of [park life]," Brand sings from a Ford coupe. "But words used efficiently can be dangerous tools that slice through propaganda like a [sharp knife]".

He mostly goes on the offensive, claiming that the joke he has been the butt of the past week is classist and suggests that you can only be "polysyllabic and talk about important things if you wear a top hat and tails".

He does however manage to see the funny side of his verbose, sesquipedalian ways, tacking a self-parodic gibberish rap on to the end of the Rubberbandits-produced video.

Brand also takes aim at "arse wipe" David Cameron, "the poxy media" and "companies that don't pay their taxes."

Perhaps beaten down by the mirth his "Revolution" has caused many, he despairingly concludes: "Oh well, don't take it too seriously, we'll all be dead soon."

His video comes after a host of fan-made Parklife parodies, which singled out phrases from his infamous Paxman Newsnight interview like "We don't want pedagogic figures comin' in and didactically shoutin' at us!"

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