Boeing's revolutionary new "99.9% air" metal could be the lightest ever

Boeing's new metal "microlattice" could change the way aircraft are built forever


Megan Townsend@mmtowns
Tuesday 13 October 2015 14:20
Boeing annouces it has made the lightest metal ever

In this video released by Boeing its new "Microlattice" metal is put to the test, scientists are claiming it could be the lightest material ever.

Microlattice is made out of small, hollow, metallic tubes in a 3D open-cellular polymer structure.

Its intertwining diagonal structure with small open spaces could make it ideal for aerospace components, saving weight and making planes more fuel efficient.

Another startling use of Microlattice is featured in the video when scientist Sophia Yang uses the example of how the material could improve passenger safety, using the egg test.

"If you drop an egg from the 25th floor of a building and wrapped it in the microlattice, you could easily win a bet as the substance would absorb the force that the egg feels and remain intact"

Scientists claim it is 100x lighter than styrofoam.

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