Is this a circle? Your answer could reveal your political stance

People who are able to accept the shape as a circle are more tolerant of deviant or marginalised groups in society

Emma Henderson
Monday 07 December 2015 14:20

A simple test has been devised that could determine your political outlook, according to a study.

Researchers say those who see the shape above as a circle are more likely to have liberal political views.

They say those people will probably be more inclined to want to help other humans and strongly support the idea of government aid for the homeless and unemployed.

As well as supporting the idea of help for those who need it, people who see the shape as a circle are more likely agree with same-sex marriage and the legalisation of marijuana for recreational use, according to the psychologists.

For those do not see it as a circle, the study suggests they are more likely to be have conservative political views.

These people will be more inclined to support the rights of business owners and will see having a strong military as an important priority.

Researchers also say those who do not agree the shape is a circle are less likely do see illegal immigrants as an important issue and would strongly disapprove of relatively low-level crime such as drug use and prostitution.

The overall findings, which were published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, say people who are able to accept a circle as a circle, even if it is not perfectly round, are more tolerant of deviant or marginalised groups of society and actively want to help them.

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