Greatest finds of the year

Malcolm Jack
Thursday 07 January 2010 17:53

It’s been another fascinating and prolific 12 months in archaeology, with discoveries - ranging from a multi-million pound medieval gold hoard to a lost Roman city, a “missing link” in human evolution and a prehistoric erotic figurine - coming thick and fast from the four corners of the globe.

They’ve been made by all from hard-working heritage experts, after years of slaving at the archaeological coal-face, to fluky amateurs on their very first treasure hunt.

Here we give our run down of what we believe are the top ten major discoveries of 2009. All of them have enriched our knowledge of the past in some way – either by offering fascinating glimpses of past civilizations, or challenging preconceived notions about ancient history or opening up a heated debate that has seen important questions asked, if not always answered.

Click here or on the image to see the greatest finds of the year


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