Councils could be forced back to weekly black bin collections

Tories considering banning fortnightly collections, despite evidence that they increase recycling

The government could force councils to reinstate weekly bin collections if it wins next years election, according to reports.

The move, a project of local government secretary Eric Pickles, will see local authorities have to keep to stricter minimum service standards that could include weekly black bin collections, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

Pickles has previously said that it might take as long as ten years to reinstate weekly collections, the same amount of time he said it took Labour to remove them.

He has described the weekly service as a ‘basic right’, and that reducing the frequency was ‘lazy and unnecessary’.

Some reports have shown that fortnightly collections increase recycling, though others claim that families are instead forced to take waste to local tips in cars.

The government pledged to stop fortnightly collections when it came to power, but more than five million houses are thought to have lost a weekly service since they came to power in 2010.

Campaigners have claimed that fortnightly collections leave families subject to health hazards. Source: Getty Images

It has attempted to stem the move to collections every two weeks by offering councils cash to keep a weekly service. But the vast majority are thought to have rejected the payments.

Pickles published the first guidance on weekly bin collections at the beginning of the year, which he and his department described as "a direct challenge to the fortnightly bin industry." It advised weekly collections and attempted to , including arguing that other schemes would also drive up recycling and reduce costs.

"This government is standing up for hard-working people and getting rid of barmy bin policies which made families' lives hell," he said.

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