Ice cream van man jailed after attacking rival with shovel for encroaching on his 'patch'

Qelik Shiha punches the window of the other van after it arrived at his usual selling spot

Saturday 03 February 2018 23:51 GMT
Qelik Shiha at the scene in his ice cream van
Qelik Shiha at the scene in his ice cream van

An ice cream van driver has been jailed after attacking a rival seller with a shovel for encroaching on his “patch”.

Qelik Shiha, 33, from Middlesex, launched the attack after another ice cream van arrived at his usual selling spot at the same time as him.

Police said he got out of his vehicle and berated the other driver before punching the window of the parked ice-cream van.

Then as the victim, who is aged in his 20s, ran away, Shiha chased him and struck him with a shovel.

The victim was taken to hospital by ambulance and had to undergo surgery. H has partially lost sensation in two of his fingers.

Detective Constable Reda Imane, the investigating officer, said: "The incident flared up after two ice cream vans drove into South Close that evening at the same time. It was clearly an attempt by Shiha to intimidate a rival business.

"The vicious and unprovoked attack was witnessed by members of the public, including at least one young child, and was carried out in broad daylight. I'm very happy that we have removed this violent individual off the streets."

Shiha has been sentenced to 30 months in prison after being found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm.

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