Joanna Yeates murder: Timeline of events

Rod Minchin
Sunday 30 October 2011 23:51

This is how events unfolded following the disappearance of 25-year-old landscape architect Joanna Yeates from Bristol and the conviction for murder of Vincent Tabak:

October 25: Joanna Yeates, 25, and boyfriend Greg Reardon, 27, move into Flat 1, 44 Canynge Road, which is owned by Christopher Jefferies, who lives in a flat upstairs.

December 11: After five weeks working in the USA, Vincent Tabak, 33, returns to Flat 2 - next door to Miss Yeates and Mr Reardon - where he lives with girlfriend Tanja Morson. The flat is also owned by Mr Jefferies.

Friday December 17, 12.50pm: Miss Yeates and Mr Reardon, who both work for design consultancy BDP in Bristol, have lunch together at the Hope and Anchor near their offices. Joanna eats cheesy chips. Sadly it turns out to be her last meal.

4.45pm: Mr Reardon walks to his girlfriend's office to say goodbye before driving to Sheffield to visit his family before Christmas.

5.20pm: Mr Reardon arrives home and is ready to set off at 6pm but Miss Yeates' Ford Ka will not start.

Around 6.00pm: Miss Yeates arrives at the Bristol Ram pub near her office for drinks with work colleagues.

6.15pm: Vincent Tabak leaves Buro Happold in Bath, where he works as an engineer specialising in workspace flows.

6.40pm: Tabak arrives at Bristol Temple Meads train station and then cycles home to Canynge Road.

6.50pm: A neighbour helps to start the car and Mr Reardon leaves for Sheffield, arriving at 10.10pm.

7.15pm: Tabak sends his girlfriend a text from home saying "love you too" and "missing you" before she attends her employers' Christmas party.

7.46pm: Tabak is at home on his computer. He looks at a Dutch newspaper, a bank website, Google and the webmail for vacuum cleaner firm Dyson where Miss Morson works.

8.02pm: Miss Yeates leaves the pub alone to walk the 20-minute journey home from the city centre to Clifton.

8.10pm: She phones best friend Rebecca Scott on her mobile while walking home. They talk for seven minutes. Miss Yeates is tempted to visit Miss Scott in Swansea that night but she has to look after the cat. They arrange to meet Christmas Eve.

8.29pm: Miss Yeates buys two bottles of cider in Bargain Booze in Clifton Village.

8.31pm: She's buys a £4.50 mozzarella and basil "Finest" pizza in Tesco Express.

8.33pm: The final CCTV sighting of Miss Yeates as she walks across a junction near the Hop House pub, 632 yards from home.

8.40pm to 8.45pm: She chats about the slippery pavement with a priest walking his dog.

Shortly before 8.49pm: A couple hear a woman scream twice as they arrive for a party across the road from Miss Yeates's flat in Canynge Road.

9.25pm: Tabak sends his girlfriend a text saying: "Miss you loads. It's boring here without you V xx". The prosecution claim that was after he killed the blonde landscape architect.

10pm: Tabak goes out in his Renault Megane.

10.28pm: Tabak arrives at an Asda store in Bedminster. He buys rock salt, crisps and beer. The prosecution said he might have had Miss Yeates' body in the boot of his car.

10.30pm: Tabak texts his girlfriend saying: "How are you? I'm at the Asda buying some crisps. Was bored. Can't wait to pick you up."

10.30pm: Around the same time Mr Reardon rings his girlfriend on their landline but does not get an answer. He then texts her saying: "Made it ok. Good traffic. Car wouldn't start had to get neighbour to start it. Ok now. Did you have a good time in the pub?" Mr Reardon does not get a reply.

Saturday December 18, 1.38am: Tabak collects Miss Morson. They are filmed arm in arm, by CCTV cameras as they go to a takeaway for food.

Sunday December 19: Mr Reardon reports Miss Yeates missing when he returns to Bristol from a weekend away visiting relatives in Sheffield.

Saturday December 25, 1.06pm: Police confirm the body of a woman has been found by a couple walking their dog on a verge in Longwood Lane, Failand, North Somerset - three miles from Miss Yeates' home.

December 30: Police arrest landlord Christopher Jefferies, a former teacher at independent Clifton College, on suspicion of murdering Joanna Yeates.

December 31: Police travel to Amsterdam and take a saliva swab from Tabak. Officers take a witness statement from him, which runs to 18 pages.

January 1: Mr Jefferies is released on police bail pending further inquiries.

January 20, 5.50am: Tabak is arrested at a flat in Aberdeen Road, Cotham, Bristol, where he has been staying on suspicion of the murder of Miss Yeates.

January 22, 9.26pm: Avon and Somerset Police announces Tabak has been charged with the murder of Joanna Yeates.

January 24: Tabak appears before Bristol Magistrates Court accused of murdering the landscape architect. He is remanded in custody.

February 8: Tabak confesses to Peter Brotherton, a voluntary Salvation Army prison chaplain, that he was 'going to plead guilty for the crime that I have done'.

March 4: Mr Jefferies' bail is cancelled and he is released without charge.

May 5: Tabak appears at the Old Bailey where he denies Miss Yeates' murder but admits her manslaughter.

October 4: Tabak's trial commences at Bristol Crown Court and process begins to select the jury. Six men and six women are later sworn in as the jury.

October 28: Tabak is found guilty of murder.