Paedophile sentenced to 18 years' jail

By Alistair Keely,Pa
Friday 07 January 2005 01:00

A prolific paedophile who simulated the murders of his daughters' school friends after drugging them during overnight stays at his home was today sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Glyn Martin, 53, showed no emotion as the Recorder of Hull, Judge Michael Mettyear said he would remain a danger to children for some considerable time.

Martin earlier pleaded guilty at Hull Crown Court to 57 counts of indecent assault, child abduction, indecency with a child, administering noxious substances and taking indecent photos.

The judge said Martin was a determined and calculating paedophile.

He told him: "I am sentencing you for your sexual activities towards female children between 1987 and 2003. Those 57 offences are merely examples of your persistence, abusive conduct between these years.

"All the evidence in the case indicates you are a determined paedophile. Your offences were carefully prepared and calculated. Your victims were young and numerous.

"You worked hard to put yourself in a position to carry out your perverted activities. You knew the risks you were running and you sought to avoid detection for your crimes.

"In the end it was chance that you were caught."

The judge said there was documentation that Martin was to carry out further "unspeakably evil" crimes against children.

He said: "It is also clear from the documentation that you wished to commit further unspeakably evil crimes against children, including their abduction, rape, torture and murder."

The Recorder of Hull said no judge had the power to sentence somebody for the thoughts in their mind.

He added: "There is no offence of thinking evil thoughts, however vile they may be. Nonetheless, the fact that you were consumed by such fantasies and in my view if the appropriate circumstances had arisen, you would have turned some of those fantasies into reality."

The judge ordered Martin to sign the Sex Offenders' Register and banned him from working with children for life.

As the sentence was passed it was greeted with cries of "yes" from the public gallery and relatives shouted abuse at Martin as he was led away.

Earlier, the court heard how Martin, of Bessingby Gate, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, used his two girls as bait to lure children back to his flat where they were sedated before being photographed and abused.

The court heard how police discovered nearly 6,000 indecent photos, involving more than 2,000 victims. On undeveloped rolls another 12,000 images were found, featuring 1,100 girls.

Earlier this week, the former school governor pleaded guilty to 57 counts of indecent assault, child abduction, indecency with a child, administering noxious substances and taking indecent photos.

The court heard how nine girls were invited for sleepovers by Martin, who won the trust of parents with his seemingly "caring and loving" relationship with his daughters.

Martin gave the young girls tablets, which he claimed were vitamins, shortly before they went to bed.

As they slept in a "stupefied" state, Martin photographed them and placed placards on their bodies with lurid descriptions of how he wanted to kill them.

The court heard he painted their necks and faces with red paint to simulate blood and held knives, pokers and even daggers to their throats.

The judge was told how none of the victims, who were aged between seven and 13, had any knowledge they were being abused, although some had some vague recollections of being given the tablets.

Martin, who became legal guardian for the two girls in 1991, used a face-painting business on the town's seafront as a cover for taking indecent images of young girls and also used a camera hidden in a bag to take further pictures of youngsters playing on the beach or in other public places.

Police have calculated that there have been 2,149 victims, all aged between five and 12, and who have had 5,768 photographs taken of them in varying degrees of indecency.

Michael Harrison QC, prosecuting, said the way he painted his unconscious victims with red paint was a clear attempt to simulate their deaths.

"He is getting a sadistic thrill from enacting the cutting of the girl's throat as she simulates a scream," he said.

He placed a piece of paper against the body of a nine-year-old which read: "The girl she is nine. She is dead. I put my hand on her throat. It didn't take long."

In another lurid fantasy about an 11-year-old, he wrote: "The girl she's 11, she's going to die tonight, very slowly and painfully. She's a nice girl. I want her to suffer a lot."

Police also discovered that Martin kept a library of cuttings on child killers such as Ian Huntley and Robert Black.

In mitigation, Stephen Williamson QC, defending, said there was no evidence that Martin had distributed any of the photos to other paedophiles. He also argued that because the children had been drugged during the abuse most had grown up unscathed.

Outside the court, a father of one of the victims welcomed the sentence. He added: "I expected life but he got what he deserved."

Detective Inspector Tony Burke of Humberside Police added: "We are very happy with the sentence. The families are also happy with the sentence and that is all that counts."