Brexit: How the world's media has followed the fallout from the EU referendum result

A round-up of how Brexit is being reported overseas 

Will Worley@willrworley
Monday 27 June 2016 21:20
The front cover of Libération on Monday, 27 June
The front cover of Libération on Monday, 27 June

The toxic fallout from the EU referendum vote has morphed into a full-scale political crisis.

Sterling is down, Britain is headed for recession and there's no leadership in sight to limit the damage.

And now, the countries who rank as Britain's closest allies all seem to hate it.

Here's how the rest of the world has been looking on.


French daily Libération went for an optimistic front page. 'The beginning of the tunnel,' reads the headline.



``USA Today chose to highlight the political crisis currently engulfing the country. It also emblaz`oned a Union Jack on its logo, perhaps in recognition of the short time it has left as the national symbol.

(USA Today


The South China Morning Post's splash reflects the uncertain impact Brexit will have on the UK's relationship with China.

(South China Morning Post


German daily Die Tageszeitung nicely captured the mood of the country.

(Die Tageszeitung


Only a few days old, Brexit is already being referred to as a self-inflicted "defeat" by the Haaretz newspaper.



In an indication of the leverage Nicola Sturgeon now posseses, The Hindu chose to focus on the Scottish angle.

(The Hindu


Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera also showed its readers how Scotland is now eclipsing Westminster.

(Corriere Della Sera

Last week, The Independent covered the immediate reaction to the EU referendum vote.

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