Britain sees hottest August temperatures for ten years as heatwave returns - but just for a day...

The weekend is set to be changeable with temperatures around the 24C mark but accompanied by occasional showers

Rob Williams
Thursday 01 August 2013 23:10

Britain has once again basked in glorious sunshine as the heatwave returned for just a day bringing the hottest August temperatures for ten years.

After a decidedly soggy end to July, with some areas experiencing heavy downpours along with thundery conditions, Britons broke out the sun cream and the barbecues as temperatures rose to 33.2C in Gravesend, Kent, making it the hottest August day since 2003.

Despite the wet end to last month it was still the hottest and driest July on record since the blazing summer heatwave of 2006, forecasters have confirmed.

August now looks set to continue the trend of boiling temperatures combined with occasional downpours.

Though today's glorious weather will delight sunseekers, forecasters have predicted a cooler Friday with more cloud, temperatures peaking at around 28C and a few scattered showers.

The weekend is set to remain changeable with temperatures around the 24C mark but accompanied by occasional showers.

The Met Office has issued a Level 2 - Alert and Readiness warning prompted by a a 60% probability of heatwave conditions between 1200 on Thursday and 1800 on Friday in parts of England.

Forecasters predicted that temperatures would peak in southern and eastern areas today with "a humid feel and staying warm and muggy tonight.

High temperatures are likely to continue on Friday in some eastern and southeastern parts of England."

A yellow weather alert is triggered when the risk of high temperatures hits above 60%.

It is considered a warning primarily for social and healthcare services to implement their hot weather action plans.

The UK had been enjoying a month-long spell of good weather in July as temperatures rocketed to 33.5C in some areas and sun worshippers flocked to packed beaches on the coast.

Last month saw Britain enjoy its longest heatwave since 1976 with a run of 19 consecutive days where temperatures reached over 2F or above.

Despite the blistering weather 2013 still can't compete with the scorching heatwave of 1976 when everyday between June 22 and July 16 temperatures reached 80f (26.7c) or higher.

For 15 of those days the temperature hit 90f (32.2c) in England and five days saw temperatures exceed 95f (35c).

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