Grenfell Tower fire: Victims ‘have no access to funds and are being given a tenner in hotels’

'The volunteers are now going to hotels with food packages with cash that they are trying to find because they have nothing'

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 19 June 2017 14:35
Kensington resident says relief effort is severely lacking local government support

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire have been given just £10, a leading volunteer on the ground has claimed.

Film producer Nisha Parti said they couldn't access the funds from the donations from the public.

Kensington and Chelsea are giving ten pounds to the survivors when they go to the hotels – a tenner – there is money pouring in from all these amazing volunteers," she told Peston on Sunday.

Asked why they were struggling to access the money, she replied: “No one is telling us where it is. Victims will go into hotels, arriving at hotels with no one from the council to greet them, to check them in, to look after them, to give them clothes and food.

“The volunteers are now going to hotels with food packages with cash that they are trying to find because they have nothing.”

Kensington and Chelsea Council did not immediately return a request for comment.

But they have previously said that the borough insists it is doing everything in its power to immediately re-house victims “as locally as [they] can”.

“We are already releasing funds to take care of the immediate needs of those affected as well as other support," a spokesperson said. "We are absolutely committed to supporting anyone affected in the days, weeks and months ahead. But if you know of individuals or families who you feel aren’t getting help, then please let us know so we can help to them as quickly as possible.”

The London Fire Relief Fund was set up in collaboration with the British Red Cross and the Council to co-ordinate fundraising to support the victims of the fire.

Mike Adamson, chief executive of the British Red Cross, said: “The people living in Grenfell Tower have suffered an unimaginable tragedy. Our hearts go out to all those who have lost so much.”

He added: “We are now launching this national appeal, together with Kensington and Chelsea council, to support those people who have lost everything, so they can receive financial help as soon as possible.”

Theresa May has also announced a £5m fund which will be made available to pay for emergency supplies, food, clothes and other costs.

Phillip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer told Peston on Sunday that he could not speak about the donated funds, he could confirm the Department of Work and Pensions will be distributing the money from the government.

He said the survivors would "absolutely get more than a tenner."

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