OMG. HRH has answered his FAQs. Now for the rest of the HOW (House of Windsor)


Tim Walker@timwalker
Wednesday 14 November 2012 01:00
How do you like your eggs in the morning?: The Prince of Wales
How do you like your eggs in the morning?: The Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales has pooh-poohed the rumour that he orders seven eggs boiled for his breakfast each day. The Frequently Asked Questions section of the new Clarence House website debunks a series of myths about the heir to the throne and his wife, Camilla. The Prince, claims the website, does not abhor all modern architecture, while the Duchess of Cornwall "gave up smoking many years ago". Shouldn't the rest of the Royals face some FAQs?

The Queen: Is it true that the Queen dislikes Dame Helen Mirren for her performance in 'The Queen'?

Not at all. Her Majesty considers Dame Helen a wonderful actress. She especially liked her in the new James Bond film.

Duke of Edinburgh: Did Prince Philip really tell UK students in China they'd go "slit-eyed"if they stayed too long?

Of course he bloody well did. Ridiculous question. What was your name again?

Duke of Cambridge: Does the Prince think that the succession should skip a generation?

No. Despite his modern outlook and deep sense of connection to regular Brits, the Prince is a firm believer in certain vital royal traditions. (And he'll seem much better as King if he comes after Charles.)

Duchess of Cambridge: What did Catherine think of Pippa's book?

The Duchess is supportive of her sister in all her endeavours, and warmly recommends Pippa's Celebrate (Penguin, £25). It's full of useful party tips, such as how to play conkers, or make a cup of tea.

Prince Harry: Is Harry's favourite chat-up line really "Do you want to come back to my palace for a drink?"

No. These days the Prince prefers, "Fancy a spot of stick-and-balling?" It's a polo thing.

As told to Tim Walker

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