One in three young drivers feel ‘unprepared’ after test


Peter Woodman
Tuesday 20 August 2013 00:06

Almost a third of young drivers felt unprepared to drive alone when they passed their test, according to research published today.

Many young motorists feel driving lessons are failing to get them ready them for life on the road, with 29 per cent of those aged 18-30 feeling unfit to drive solo when they earned their full licences.

Meanwhile, 24 per cent said an accident they had could have been prevented if they had spent more time learning to drive, with 62 per cent in favour of a minimum learning period being introduced.

Based on responses from 2,000 drivers aged 18-30, the poll also showed that 21 per cent avoided motorways after passing their test, while 14 per cent considered themselves to be “unprepared” to drive at all. In addition, 29 per cent felt they were not ready for night driving, 21 per cent considered driving lessons did not prepare them to drive with passengers, 19 per cent avoided city centres, 14 per cent could not face driving in the rain and 8 per cent avoided right turns.

A total of 18 per cent passed their driving test after spending three months or less learning to drive and 50 per cent took six months or less to pass, the survey by Co-operative Insurance found.

AA president Edmund King said: “It is worrying that so many young drivers feel the driving test does not prepare them adequately for elements of life on the road.

“We would support the idea of allowing learner drivers on to motorways with a trained driving instructor and also a minimum learning period.”

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