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Trump UK visit: President has state banquet with Queen as Labour announces Corbyn will speak at protest

US leader an ‘egregious example of growing far-right threat’, says Sadiq Khan after Twitter spat

Donald Trump lands at Buckingham Palace and shakes hands with the Queen

Protesters have denounced Donald Trump as “frightening and dangerous” and claimed his state visit is “an invitation for his ideology to be imported” to the UK, during a dramatic first day of the US president's second state visit to the country.

During a state banquet at Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II greeted the president, and reminded those in attendance of the "close and longstanding friendship" between their two countries — and appeared to rebuke Mr Trump's so-called America-first ideology that has threatened once close alliances and shaken the international community.

"I am so glad that we have another opportunity to demonstrate the immense importance that both our countries attach to our relationship," the Queen said.

The itinerary for Mr Trump going forward includes meetings with business leaders, a tour of historic British buildings, and trips to Portsmouth and Normandy — with the latter coming on the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

The Queen, during her remarks, used that historic moment in the Second World War to reinforce the importance of the US-UK relationship.

"On that day — and on many occasions since — the armed forces of both our countries fought side-by-side to defend our cherished values of liberty and democracy," she said.

"As we face the new challenges of the 21st Century, the anniversary of D-Day reminds us of all that our counties have achieved together," she continued, addressing the kinds of international coooperation in the post war years that Mr Trump appears to have disregarded as president. "After the shared sacrifices of the Second World War, Britain and the United States worked with other allies to build an assembly of international institutions to ensure that the horrors of conflict would never be repeated."

But, nearby in London, protesters denounced the president who had lashed out at mayor Sadiq Khaan as his trip loomed.

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“It’s one thing to tolerate it, it is something else to promote it,” 46-year-old Hada Moreno told The Independent outside Buckingham Palace of Mr Trump's ideological stance.

But the US president’s backers were also present, calling him “a hero”. One said: “After Brexit we will need him for trade as well as security.” It came after Mr Trump lashed out at London’s mayor on Twitter, branding him “terrible” and a “stone-cold loser”.

Mr Trump and his wife Melania dined with the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The pair were met by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, and will also take a tour of Westminster Abbey. Observers were curious as to how the Prince of Wales, a keen environmentalist, would get along with the fossil fuel-loving president.

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Mr Trump is "the best president since Reagan", two of his supporters tell The Independent's Tom Batchelor.

Jerry Foster, from Hallendale Beach in Florida, said: "We happened to be here on holiday but wanted to come down and show our support for Trump.

"We love him. The best president since Reagan. He’s his own person, he’s not being bought by anybody.

"He does it because he loves America. He says what other people think. It’s the way every country should be – it should be like that here: England first."

Jerry and Lisa Foster, from Florida (Tom Batchelor/The Independent) 

Jon Sharman3 June 2019 10:05

The infamous Trump baby blimp could one day be a museum piece.

The Museum of London said it wanted to acquire a rubber inflatable depicting Mr Trump as a giant screaming baby that has featured in protests against the US leader around the world since its debut in London last year.

The blimp's creators say they plan to fly it this week outside Parliament during Mr Trump's state visit.

The museum said it hoped to add the Trump blimp to its collection, along with an inflatable depicting London mayor Sadiq Khan that has been flown by Trump supporters. The museum said it "hopes to reach out to both creators shortly".

Additional reporting by AP 

Jon Sharman3 June 2019 10:19

It will be a family affair for the Trumps during the state visit, it looks like.

Jon Sharman3 June 2019 10:33

Mr Trump's tweets about Sadiq Khan were "justified", in the view of one Londoner.

Neil Clark, 39, from Woolwich in south London, joined a growing crowd outside Buckingham Palace awaiting the arrival of the president and described Mr Trump as "amazing".

He said he was a "massive fan", adding: "Just his character, the energy he has, the passion he has. He's an amazing guy."

Mr Clark described the prospect of protests against Mr Trump as "quite disrespectful" and "quite shameful".

Additional reporting by PA

Jon Sharman3 June 2019 10:48

Amnesty International has unfurled a "resist Trump" banner over the Thames after the US president arrived in London.

A 'resist Trump' flag on Vauxhall Bridge (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) 

Jon Sharman3 June 2019 10:51

There are now several hundred people around Buckingham Palace, writes Tom BatchelorHowever, most are tourists.

Some anti-Trump demonstrators have arrived.

Hada Moreno, 46, from Oxford, said: "If you don’t say what is wrong, nothing is going to change. We need to speak up against evil. It isn’t just Trump but his ideology that we need to oppose."

The student, original from Mexico but who has lived in the UK for some years, added: "This state visit is an invitation for his ideology to be imported to the UK, It is one thing to tolerate it, it is something else to promote it."

Hada Moreno, 46, believes that 'silence is complicity' (Tom Batchelor/The Independent) 

Jon Sharman3 June 2019 11:01

Another anti-Trump demonstrator is worried that affording him the pomp and ceremony of a full state visit risks the appearance of endorsing his leadership, writes Tom Batchelor.

Kerry, 59, from London, told The Independent: "Donald Trump is frightening and dangerous. We can’t just sit by and ignore.

"Inviting Trump makes the UK seem like we are endorsing trump and his policies.

"I'm here on my own, but I had a couple of people tutting at me, and telling me, ‘There’s always one person who spoils it’."

'Do not approach' (Tom Batchelor/The Independent) 

Jon Sharman3 June 2019 11:05

Mr Trump is apparently not taking time at the US ambassador's residence to relax before meeting the Queen – instead getting worked up over trade with China.

Will there be more tweets before Marine One lifts off for Buckingham Palace at midday?

Jon Sharman3 June 2019 11:15

It looks like The Mall is filling up ahead of Donald Trump's arrival at Buckingham Palace.

Crowds gather behind barriers on The Mall leading up to Buckingham Palace (Steve Parsons/PA) 

Jon Sharman3 June 2019 11:23

Police officers are on guard at Buckingham Palace ahead of Mr Trump's arrival at about 12.10pm.

Police officers on the palace roof (Tom Batchelor/The Independent) 

Jon Sharman3 June 2019 11:33

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