UK weather: Three-month heatwave to start on Wednesday as temperatures set to hit 23C

Unusually hot temperatures are also expected for July

Sophie McIntyre
Monday 13 April 2015 10:00
People sit in a park during hot weather in central London
People sit in a park during hot weather in central London

Summer is going to arrive early, with temperatures this week expected to be 12°C higher than the April average.

From Wednesday, the thermostat will climb to 23°C, as a tropical air mass brings up warm air from Southern Europe.

The predicted temperatures are well above the 11.4°C April average recorded by the Met Office.

High temperatures of around 28°C will also arrive earlier than usual this year, with hot weather expected by July, according to a three month contingency forecast issued by the Met Office.

Fortunately, the chilly weather predicted for this weekend is just a blot on an otherwise sunny horizon, as temperatures are set to rise steadily from next week.

Nicky Maxey, Met Office spokeswoman, said: “It is going to stay fine and dry for most of the week.

“Temperatures will hit 20°C with Wales and the West Midlands in for the best of the sunshine and warmth.”

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