Video: Manchester traffic warden gives taxi driver parking ticket after he's forced to pull in following an accident

Warden has now resigned from her position

Rose Troup Buchanan
Thursday 30 April 2015 08:54
The traffic warden issuing the fine
The traffic warden issuing the fine

A traffic warden has been filmed issuing a black cab driver a ticket after he was forced to pull over on a double yellow line when he was involved in an accident.

The unidentified Manchester traffic warden has now resigned after watching the film, taken by 37-year-old taxi driver Mohammed Arif, according to the Manchester Evening News.

But Mr Arif, from Rochdale, says that it was never his intention to get the warden into trouble and that he only took the video in order to use the footage in his appeal against the ticket.

In the footage, released on YouTube earlier this week and viewed thousands of times, Mr Arif explains he has just been involved in a collision and has had to pull into the side of the road – on a double yellow – and attend to his clearly damaged vehicle.

An AA repair man can be seen working on Mr Arif’s taxi following the collision on Fountain Street in Manchester city centre as the female traffic warden writes out a ticket.

“You do realise my vehicle is not movable? I can’t move the vehicle,” the father-of-two tells the traffic warden.

The warden responds by asking Mr Arif to stop filming and ignores his complaints. Later there is a slight altercation when she appears to attempt to knock the phone out of his hands.

Protecting his phone, Mr Arif is then accusing of striking the warden when another passer-by becomes involved.

Following this, the warden tells the taxi driver: “That’s assault, I’ve got a red mark ... I’ve got a bruise on my arm.”

Mr Arif, who has now received a parking ticket for the event, later told the Manchester Evening News that his intention was “not to get her into trouble of any kind” and expressed his regrets that his filming may have contributed to the warden’s resignation.

“She perhaps just needed more training. These sorts of things should be relayed,” Mr Arif said.

The warden resigned after being shown the footage, confirmed NSL, which employs all 93 civil enforcement officers for Manchester council.

“That sort of behaviour is completely unacceptable and we take this case very seriously,” they told the Manchester Evening News.

The spokesperson added: "We have a policy of not issuing a ticket to any motorist who has stopped or who has been stopped through no fault of their own. We have a professional standards unit to ensure the highest level of conduct.”

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