Wanstead couple having 'audible' sex in family park broken up by police

A local councillor called the police after hearing the pair on George Green

Louis Dore
Friday 15 May 2015 15:00

A naked couple who were having sex in a Wanstead park in full view of families were split up by police after a local councillor reported them.

The man and woman were ordered out of the area by Waltham Forest Metropolitan Police after being caught at around 7.20pm on Wednesday evening.

Councillor Colin Cronin called officers after seeing them in a state of undress, making “audible” sexual noises on the George Green, Wanstead, east London, in sight of the surrounding roads and bus stops.

He described them as going "at it at full pelt" - rather than "just a bit of petting" and local shopkeepers were reportedly whistling and cheering them on.

He told the Evening Standard: "The guy had his trousers around his ankles and the lady was underneath him.

"When she stood up she had to hop around to put her trousers on."

Cllr Cronin called the police and was allegedly asked: "How do you know they're having sex? Can you see what they're doing?"

Another witness told the Wanstead and Woodford Guardian the couple were like "a full-on porn movie in Wanstead".

“Police walked up to the woman and she stood up with no knickers on and her cleavage hanging out," the 39-year-old mother-of-three said, adding that a jogger almost collided with a lamppost when he was distracted as he ran past "within touching distance".

It has been reported on Twitter that the couple had to be broken up a second time later, however this is yet to be confirmed.

Waltham Forest Metropolitan Police Service told The Independent that police were called to George Green, Wanstead, on Tuesday at approximately 7.20pm after reports of a couple engaged in sexual activity.

“Officers spoke to a man and woman at the scene and they were asked to leave the area," a spokesperson said.

“Officers remained in the area for a time afterwards and conducted patrols.

“The local policing team are aware of the incident and will be making further enquiries and speaking to local people.”

But Pat Hayday, a Wanstead business owner, questioned whether or not the officers had dealt properly with the incident.

“Never heard of such a thing happening anywhere else in the UK or the world let alone Wanstead!" she said. "Why did the police not arrest them? Surely this comes under lewd behaviour, doesn't it?

“If children were also witnessing this that is equally distressing. Born and bred in Wanstead and proud of it but had I witnessed this I would have taken action – a sad day for our community.”

An investigation is ongoing.

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