Brexit: William Hague blames voters for UK getting a bad deal from EU

The former Conservative leader called the general election result a 'mistake' on the part of the British public

Tom Peck@tompeck
Wednesday 30 August 2017 17:51
Lord Hague said the election result had been "a mistake" on the part of the public
Lord Hague said the election result had been "a mistake" on the part of the public

William Hague has blamed the British public for making "a mistake" at the general election, by failing to return a Conservative majority and weakening the country’s hands in the Brexit negotiations with the EU.

The former foreign and Conservative leader, who has been brought back as an advisor to the government, told Radio 5Live's Emma Barnett: "I don't think calling the election was a mistake. I think the result was a mistake.

"Collectively, by the people of this country. And I think there was a pretty poor Conservative campaign.

"They (the EU) know that the result of the British election weakened the British government's negotiating position. It absolutely did.

"Of course she's not in anything like as strong a position as if she'd won a majority of 60 or 100 or whatever it might have been in the House of Commons.

"So Britain will get a worse deal as a result of the election. I think there is no question about that. And of course we can't blame the voters for how they vote.

Lord Hague, who has previously warned that only a transition deal can save the UK from disaster, said the weak government returned by the electorate in June would mean the UK would end up paying more to leave the EU.

He said: "We'll end up having to pay more. We'll pay a bigger price for leaving, I think, because of the uncertainties of the election result."

With the Conservatives due to meet for their annual in a few weeks, Lord Hague warned Theresa May’s eventual successor is likely to be someone unknown to the general public.

"The next leader of the Conservative Party - whenever that happens - is probably somebody who today is 60-1 against at the bookies," he said.

“The most likely person hardly ever gets it. I don't even know who the most likely person is really.”

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