David Cameron defends 'bunch of migrants' comment about 'those people' in Calais

Prime Minister reportedly insists his use of language was not 'intemperate', and says he doesn't regret using the phrase which has caused outrage

Adam Withnall@adamwithnall
Thursday 28 January 2016 15:34
David Cameron insists he doesn't regret using the phrase 'bunch of migrants'
David Cameron insists he doesn't regret using the phrase 'bunch of migrants'

David Cameron has reportedly defended his dismissal of refugees in Calais as "a bunch of migrants", rejecting criticism over his use of the phrase.

The Prime Minister was speaking in an interview with Sky News, where he insisted he did not believe use language to be "intemperate".

Asked if he regretted using the phrase, he said: "No, I was very clear what I meant yesterday which was that Labour has an open door migration policy. They don't think there's any limit on the number of people that we should let in. I don't think that's the right approach.

"Those people in France should be claiming asylum in France. It is a safe country, so we shouldn't support the idea that it is a jumping-off point to Britain."

Bunch of migrants extended

He said he "doesn't accept at all" that the phrase was unpleasant. "I was making a very clear point that Jeremy Corbyn was meeting with migrants and telling them they could all come to Britain."

He also clarified his comments about Britain taking more unaccompanied refugee children, saying the UK would only take more orphans "from the region" in the Middle East so as not to encourage people to make the journey to Europe. "I think our approach is compassionate, I think it is generous and I think it is right," he said.

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