David Cameron eats hotdogs with a knife and fork

But is he really so posh or just painfully stage-managed?

Jon Stone@joncstone
Tuesday 07 April 2015 10:14
The PM loves a good photo-op
The PM loves a good photo-op

David Cameron’s campaign trail took him to an intimate family barbecue this weekend, where he tucked into a nice hotdog.

The intimate occasion, attended by a number of political journalists and press agency photographers, revealed one strange thing about the Prime Minister’s eating habits, however.

Mr Cameron was pictured eating a hotdog with a knife and fork, leading Twitter to brand the Eton-educated lineal descendant of King William IV “posh”.

One alternative theory is that the Prime Minister was desperate to avoid looking like an average human being does when eating the sausage – ridiculous.

Mr Cameron’s image advisors will have had a recent incident involving Labour leader Ed Miliband and a bacon sandwich in mind.

The image-conscious Tory leader may have been stage managed one step too far at this photo-op.

The incident recalls a 2012 visit to a US basketball game with President Obama, where the Daily Mail newspaper reported that "the posh Dave struggled to eat a hotdog without silver service".

He may still be struggling with the concept of street food.

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