Ukip has launched its manifesto for Scotland but good luck getting a copy of it

The party says physical copies were delayed in the bank holiday post

Jon Stone
Monday 04 May 2015 19:05

Ukip has launched its Scottish manifesto at an event in Falkirk, central Scotland.

David Coburn, the party’s MEP in Scotland, told an audience Ukip wanted to launch a constitutional convention to discuss the future of Scotland in the United Kingdom.

There was no printed copy of the manifesto available at its launch event, an oversight the party blamed on the bank holiday postal service.

Online copies of the document were also difficult to obtain.

A website pointed to on posters displayed by the party at the launch event directed internet users to a blank page.

The last news entry on the Ukip Scotland region website linked to from the Ukip official website is dated June 2014, while the official party Twitter account has not tweeted a link to the document at the time of publication.

Mr Coburn said the people of Falirk were “not interested” in the Scottish National Party, who could win the seat, according to polls.

He accused the party of taking Scotland back to the time of William Wallace.

“They really just want to send us back to a William Wallace pre-industrialised age ... but I think the vast majority of people would like to have their central heating thank you very much,” he said.

Ukip is polling 2% across Scotland, dramatically lower than its score across the UK at large.

A Ukip spokesperson told BBC News that the manifesto would contain pledges for ‘English Vote for English Laws’, defence, policing, and devolution.

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