Bonfire Night: Giant effigy of David Cameron and dead pig's head to be burned for Guy Fawkes night

The 15ft puppet of a nearly naked David Cameron will star alongside an effigy of Sepp Blatter showing the middle finger at the annual bonfire celebrations in Lewes

Matt Dathan
Online political reporter
Thursday 05 November 2015 11:48

A giant effigy of David Cameron and a dead pig's head will be burned to celebrate Guy Fawkes night as Lewes prepares for record-breaking bonfire celebrations.

The 15ft puppet of the Prime Minister wearing nothing but Union Jack underpants, which also features a fox climbing up his leg, will star alongside an effigy of Sepp Blatter sitting in a boat of cash showing the middle finger to onlookers.

The event will also try to break a world record for the largest ever bonfire effigy with its 50ft puppet of Guy Fawkes.

The effigy of Mr Cameron refers to the infamous 'piggate' allegations claiming that Mr Cameron put “a private part of his anatomy into a dead pig's mouth” as part of an initiation ceremony at university.

The Prime Minister has denied the claims, which were made in a book by the former deputy Tory chairman Lord Ashcroft.

Lewes bonfire night celebrations regularly feature political figures. Last year they burnt an effigy of Alex Salmond following his failure to break up the United Kingdom, which enraged Scottish nationalists:

He appeared alongside Russian president Vladimir Putin wearing a mankini:

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