Going away? Don’t forget the cameras Mr Cameron


Andrew Johnson
Sunday 26 May 2013 20:02
David Cameron and his wife on holiday
David Cameron and his wife on holiday

It’s difficult for senior politicians to take a break abroad. David Cameron came under fire for jetting off to Ibiza for the weekend in the midst of a terror alert. Which made the first-day-of-holiday photo shoot all the more crucial.

Pictures released by the Prime Minister’s office show a leader hovering between relaxation and readiness. While most Britons might enjoy a cool beer on holiday, it’s only water and coffee for the Prime Minister. Clear-headed and ready to go, with a nod to austerity.

The Prime Minister is staying off the beach and in the shade, so as not to rub salt into the wounds of sun-starved voters at home. Note also that the sunglasses have been set aside for the photo. Shades next to beach carry too much of the “at play” look.

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