Jeremy Corbyn's deputy Angela Eagle cheekily mocks her own leader at PMQs

Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron were absent for the session

Jon Stone
Wednesday 09 December 2015 15:01
Angela Eagle at PMQs

Labour's shadow BIS minister Angela Eagle has squared off against George Osborne for Wednesday's Prime Minister's Questions.

The Labour frontbencher gently mocked Mr Corbyn's questioning style, referencing "Donald from Brussels" - European Council president Donald Tusk - in one of her questions.

The question, which elicited laughter from both Labour and Tory benches, was an allusion to Mr Corbyn's approach of referencing emails sent in by consituents.

Though Tom Watson is deputy leader of the Labour party, taking Prime Minister's Questions in Mr Corbyn's absence is the responsibility of Ms Eagle.

The parties' respective deputies led proceedings this week because Mr Cameron was visiting eastern Europe as part of his attempt to renegotiate the terms of EU membership.

Ms Eagle took a rather more conventional approach to PMQs than Mr Corbyn, who has tried to reduce the rowdy volume of the exchange and used less over showmanship in his questioning.

The shadow BIS secretary by contrast approach the occasion in the traditional manner, telling jokes and pulling rabbits out of hats to trip up her opposition.

The approach may upset some members of the public, who said they had valued Mr Corbyn's more sombre approach to the session.

It did however appear to raise morale on Labour's benches, increasing the volume of their cheering in support.

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