Jeremy Corbyn's first act as Labour leader will be to attend a protest in support of refugees

The Labour leader praised his competitor Yvette Cooper for raising the issue

Jon Stone@joncstone
Saturday 12 September 2015 13:55

Jeremy Corbyn’s first act as Labour leader will be to attend a pro-refugee demonstration, he has announced.

The left-winger won a huge landslide with 59.5 per cent of the vote in the first round of the contest, beating Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall.

During his acceptance speech Mr Corbyn said he would shortly be attending a rally at Trafalgar Square in defence of refugees from conflict zones in the Middle East and Africa.

Yvette Cooper made the issue a key part of the later stages of her campaign

"One of my first acts as leader will be to go to the demo and show solidarity with refugees,” he told an assembled crowd of Labour members and supports at the Queen Elizabeth conference centre in central London, where the results was announced.

Whilst thanking other candidates the Labour leader made particular mention of Ms Cooper, who he said had helped “turn around public opinion to show sympathy and humanity towards refugees and the way they’re treated”.

“Going to war creates a legacy of bitterness and problems,” he said. “Let us be a force for change in the world, a force for humanity in the world, a force for peace in the world, and a force that recognises we cannot go on like this.”

Mr Corbyn added that he would pursue a policy that would ensure that “people don't end up in poverty, in refugee camps, wasting their lives away”.

Thousands of people are taking to the streets of cities across Europe under the banner "refugees welcome".

The event in London will begin at Park Lane and march to Downing Street, followed by speeches at Parliament Square.

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