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Keir Starmer speech - live: Labour leader shakes off glitter ambush and unveils ‘mission for government’

Heckler storms stage shouting ‘we are in crisis’ before being dragged off by security

Starmer speech

Keir Starmer vowed to oversee a “decade of renewal” if Labour wins the next election after his conference speech got off to a shaky start when a protester stormed on stage and covered him in glitter.

The Labour leader set out his mission for government, promising to build 1.5 million homes in what he described as a “new generation of towns”.

Shocking footage captured the moment the heckler evades security and dumps glitter over the Labour leader while wrapping his arms around him and shouting “we are in crisis” before finally being bundled to the ground.

The heckler was heard shouting: “We demand a people’s house, we are in crisis – politics needs an update. We are in crisis”. Footage emerged online afterwards of the protester being dragged from the building by police.

Removing his jacket and rolling up his sleeves, Starmer was applauded for keeping his cool and regaining control of the podium. He told the audience: “If he thinks that bothers me he doesn’t know me. Protest not power, that is why we changed our party conference.”


Opposition to new homes should not be ignored, Labour says

Pat McFadden, Labour’s campaign coordinator, has admitted there could be some opposition to Labour’s proposals to build on some parts of the greenbelt, Jon Stone reports.

Speaking on the morning broadcast round the senior Labour figure said opposition should be taken into account, but that new homes were necessary.

“We don’t want opposition to be ignored – but we have to do this," he said. "The country has to face up to this."

Matt Mathers10 October 2023 09:00

Live event: Jon Rentoul answers your questions on Labour conference

Got a burning question about Labour Party conference?

Jon Rentoul, chief political commentator, will be on hand to give his take on everything from planning and energy to Covid and elections.

You can submit your questions by following the link below - Jon will be answering your queries live from 2pm on Thursday:

Ask John Rentoul anything about Labour Party conference– from elections to energy

The Independent’s chief political commentator John Rentoul will be taking your questions on the Labour Party conference

Matt Mathers10 October 2023 09:21

Who is speaking today?

Labour leader Keir Starmer is the main speaker on the final day of his party’s conference in Liverpool.

Emily Thornberry, show attorney general, Shabana Mahmood, justice secretary and Yvette Cooper, shadow home secretary, are among the other senior figures who will deliver speeches.

Below is the full running order for the day:

  • Shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry (9.55am)
  • Shadow justice secretary Shabana Mahmood (10.05 am)
  • Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper (11.10 am)
  • Labour leader Keir Starmer (2pm)
  • Shadow transport secretary Louise Haigh (4.05 pm)
  • South Yorkshire mayor Oliver Coppard (4.10 pm)
  • Shadow environment Secretary Steve Reed (4.15pm)
Matt Mathers10 October 2023 09:31

Rishi Sunak vows to stand with Britain’s Jews as Israel-Hamas conflict escalates

Rishi Sunak has told Britain’s Jewish community “I will stop at nothing to keep you safe” amid concerns they could be targeted as Israel laid siege to the Gaza Strip following the Hamas atrocity, Lucy Neeson reports.

The prime minister addressed a synagogue in north London to express his solidarity for Israel following the Hamas attack and to reassure Britain’s Jews.

Mr Sunak said: “I know that at moments like this when the Jewish people are under attack in their homeland, Jewish people everywhere can feel less safe.

“We have already seen vile words on our streets and attempts to stir up community tensions.

“I say: Not here. Not in Britain. Not in our country. Not in this century.”

Rishi Sunak attended Finchley United Synagogue in central London (Lucy North/PA)
Rishi Sunak attended Finchley United Synagogue in central London (Lucy North/PA) (PA Wire)

Matt Mathers10 October 2023 09:41

Cleverly: ‘Significant number’ of British-Israeli dual nationals caught up in fighting

The foreign secretary has said that a "significant number" of British-Israeli dual nationals have been caught up in the fighting in Israel and Gaza, Jon Stone reports.

But speaking to broadcasters on Tuesday morning, James Cleverly declined to confirm reports about the exact numbers affected.

"The situation is fast-moving. It is complicated. I’m uncomfortable giving numbers. Even from the Israeli government, a lot of the figures about the casualties and fatalities are as yet to be fully confirmed," he told LBC Radio.

"So I don’t really want to speculate but we do know that a significant number of British-Israeli dual nationals have been in some way involved in the terrorist atrocities.

"The exact numbers, it’s difficult to say at this time, and I don’t want to give a running commentary, but we will stand ready to support families of those people who are either concerned or have family or loved ones who have been injured in any way."

Matt Mathers10 October 2023 09:51

Starmer will promise more police to ‘take back our streets’

Keir Starmer will launch a “community policing guarantee” during his conference speech promising to get more bobbies on the beat, Adam Forrest reports.

The Labour leader will commit to 13,000 more neighbourhood police and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) on the streets – a promise already made in January.

Starmer is expected to “call time on wasteful police procurement” which funds Labour’s plan for new officers say Labour will deliver “more police in your town, fighting anti-social behaviour, taking back our streets.”

Sir Keir Starmer
Sir Keir Starmer (BBC)

Matt Mathers10 October 2023 10:01

Labour minister apologises for posing with Palestinian activists

Labour minister Afzal Khan has apologised for posing for a photo at the stall of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) at the party conference, Adam Forrest reports.

The shadow trade minister said: “I want to apologise for any offence caused by stopping by the PSC stall at this time. I unequivocally condemn the terrorist actions of Hamas and support Israel’s right to defend itself.”

Apsana Begum, a left-wing Labour MP who backer Jeremy Corbyn, was also pictured at the stall. The PSC launched a protest outside Israeli Embassy, demanding Israel “end apartheid now”, after the Hamas attack.

Matt Mathers10 October 2023 10:11

Drakeford: Labour wants to make Wales ‘Tory free’

Labour wants to make Wales “Tory free” at the next general election, Mark Drakeford told his party conference.

Mr Drakeford, the Welsh first minister, said he wanted to make the nation free of what he described as the Conservative Party’s “toxic brand”.

He also accused the Tories of being opposed to devolution. Watch a clip of his speech below.

Labour aims to make Wales a country without any Tory MPs, Mark Drakeford says
Matt Mathers10 October 2023 10:21

Government has no evidence to back up nature recovery claims, say campaigners

The government has no evidence to back up a recent claim it made saying the UK is on track to meet its internationally-agreed targets on improving nature, campaigners have said.

After the Wildlife and Countryside Link (WCL) found there to be just over 3 per cent of land and up to 8 per cent of sea protected for nature – when the target is 30 per cent – the campaign group accused the Government of failing to make headway.

Danny Halpin reports:

Government has no evidence to back up nature recovery claims, say campaigners

Officials said the UK is on track to meet international obligations but could not provide any assessments of that progress.

Matt Mathers10 October 2023 10:31

Govt deliberately trying to ‘divide and dehumanise’ people with immigration policy - shadow minister

The government is deliberately seeking to “divide and dehumanise” people through its migration policy, Labour’s shadow immigration minister has said.

Speaking at a fringe event at the Labour conference in Liverpool, Stephen Kinnock said: “My personal opinion is that they see the whole asylum issue as a wedge issue, an opportunity to set communities against each other – to divide, to dehumanise.”

Mr Kinnock said the government was also using migration to “fire up their base” and “deflect from 13 years of abject failure” across a range of policies, including housing, transport and the economy.

He added: “I think their strategy is backfiring in a very big way because the more they focus public attention on the issue, the more they expose the utter incompetence, neglect and arrogance that they have shown over the last 13 years.”

Stephen Kinnock
Stephen Kinnock (PA)

Matt Mathers10 October 2023 10:45

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