Michael Dugher MP hits back at Corbyn dismissal - by adding it to his Twitter bio

The Shadow Culture Secretary was sacked this morning - reportedly by phone 

Mollie Goodfellow@hansmollman
Tuesday 05 January 2016 16:38
Dugher was let go from Corbyn's cabinet this morning
Dugher was let go from Corbyn's cabinet this morning

The MP sacked by Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leader's ‘reshuffle’ has added his dismissal to his Twitter bio.

Michael Dugher, formerly Mr Corbyn's shadow Culture Secretary, wrote: “Sacked by Jeremy Corbyn for too much straight talking, honest politics”.

Mr Dugher had already taken to his Twitter account to announce his sacking, which was apparently handed down by phone, on Tuesday morning: “Just been sacked by Jeremy Corbyn. I wished him a happy new year,” he wrote.

His was the first official “sacking” to be announced, in what has otherwise been a reshuffle shrouded in rumour.

Andy Burnham MP, who ran for Labour Leader last year, tweeted his support of Mr Dugher, writing: "Michael Dugher is Labour to the core & has served our Party with distinction. He can leave the front-bench with his head held high."

The supposed reshuffle has gone on into the second day, with little official announcement of who is leaving or being moved to different ministerial positions being released.

It has been branded "divisive" by some Corbyn opponents who have presented it as the leader's attempts to oust his shadow cabinet those who have opposed him over some of his policies.

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