Nigel Farage launches attack on Jeremy Corbyn’s dress sense

The Ukip leader branded Jeremy Corbyn 'slovenly'

Jon Stone
Friday 18 September 2015 12:58
Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

Ukip’s leader has launched an attack on Jeremy Corbyn’s dress sense, branding him “on the edge of being slovenly”.

Nigel Farage told LBC radio that the new Labour leader’s appearance at a recent service at St Paul’s cathedral was not acceptable.

“We all have different ideas of what is the correct attire for any event. But I thought he was scruffy, I thought he was frankly on the edge of being slovenly,” he said.

Jeremy Corbyn is greeted by David Cameron at St Paul’s Cathedral

“If you're going to turn up, if you can't be prepared to show respect, not just respect to the Queen, but respect to the men and women who fought, it would have been better in my opinion for Mr Corbyn not to have turned up at all."

Mr Corbn was wearing a suit and tie at the event.

But the 51-year-old Ukip leader, known for his mustard tweed jackets and anti-EU politics, was angry that the newly elected Labour leader had not done up the very top button of his shirt.

“He's aged about 17, isn't he? ‘NO SHAN'T’. We've all done a bit of that in our time,” he said.

“But generally, we sort of get older and we grow up and maybe 30 years on the back benches, without ever having been a spokesman or ever had to be responsible for anything meant that he hasn't quite matured.”

It is not the first time that Mr Corbyn has been criticised for what he wears.

In a 1984 Tory MP Terry Dicks told BBC’s Newsnight programme that Mr Corbyn and other Labour MPs should be banned from speaking in Parliament if they did not wear smart suits.

Mr Corbyn, who showed off a jumper knitted by his mother and a shirt bought from a co-operative shop, replied at the time: “It’s not a fashion parade, it’s not a gentleman’s club, it’s not a bankers’ parade, it’s a place where the people are represented.”

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