David Cameron has already surrendered in EU negotiations, says Nigel Farage

He says the PM wants to focus solely on social security

Jon Stone
Friday 13 November 2015 11:31
Ukip leader Nigel Farage
Ukip leader Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage says David Cameron has already surrendered to the EU

David Cameron has “already surrendered” in his attempt to renegotiate the terms of Britain’s European Union membership, Ukip’s leader has said.

Nigel Farage argued that the Prime Minister was “doing nothing” about major public concerns around the European Union and that there was effectively no renegotiation taking place.

He said the Government had stepped back from plans to change EU rules and was essentially resigned to changing the UK’s own social security system in a way that could impact UK residents as well as EU migrants.

“We can see from this morning that there is no renegotiation: even the one area where he was going to go to the European Council and get a rule change, he’s surrendered already and said we’re instead going to change the British social security system,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“The Prime Minister is doing nothing about our EU contributions, he’s doing nothing in this renegotiation about the total free movement of people, and he’s doing nothing about the supremacy of law and parliament. He wants to focus the whole debate on migrant benefits, he’s hit a brick wall with that and now its young British people who will have to pay the price.

David Cameron delivering a speech on EU reform at Chatham House in London

Mr Farage warned that young people from the UK could be better off not working than working if Mr Cameron’s plans to restrict the benefit system went ahead.

His comments concur with warnings by officals, who told the BBC this would "create an incentive for people to give up work for a little while in order to subsequently qualify for in-work help".

The warning comes as European Council president Donald Tusk said reaching an agreement with the UK would be “very, very tough”.

"I have to say that it will be really difficult to find an agreement," the former Polish premier said at an EU summit in Malta.

David Cameron wants to ensure that EU migrants cannot claim social security when they first arrive in Britain.

He claimed earlier this week that this change would affect 43 per cent of people moving to the UK from the EU, though statisticians have disputed the validity of these figures.

The renegotiation is part of the UK’s strategy to change the terms of membership before an in-out referendum scheduled to be held before 2017.

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