Tube strike today: Drivers 'can strike until they're blue in the face' but won't get a new offer, says Boris Johnson

The Mayor of London has remained firm in the Night Tube dispute

Jon Stone
Thursday 09 July 2015 09:08
London Mayor Boris Johnson
London Mayor Boris Johnson

Tube drivers can “strike until they are blue in the face” but will not convince Transport for London to give them a better pay and conditions offer for working overnight, the Mayor of London has said.

Boris Johnson issued the defiant message hours ahead of a combined strike by London Underground workers represented by four trade unions.

Members of the RMT, Unite, and the TSSA will walk out on Wednesday for 24 hours from 6.30pm. They will later be joined by members of Aslef who will walk out for 24 hours from 9.30pm.

The dispute is about pay and conditions for Tube workers on the new all-night weekend Tube service, which Transport for London wants to introduce in September.

“There’s been plenty of time to put this offer to the relevant part of the workforce, I think it’s a great shame that it hasn’t been done,” the Mayor said on LBC radio.

“The only conclusion I can draw from it is that there’s a determination to go ahead with this strike

“Whatever happens there will be no change in it. People can strike until they’re blue in the face. We will go ahead with the Night Tube.”

Mick Cash, RMT general secretary, yesterday said unions had made significant efforts to deescalate the situation.

“Despite strenuous efforts by union negotiators to press London Underground to address the issues of fairness, safety, work-life balance and equality at the heart of this dispute, they have come up with nothing in the talks this afternoon,” he said.

The cooperation between the four trade unions means that the entire London Underground network is set to be shut down for the first time since 2002.

The DLR, Overground and TfL Rail services will run as normal, as will national heavy rail services.

Extra buses, coaches, and river boat services are to be provided.

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