Video shows changing map of Europe since World War One in one minute

How Europe's borders changed over the course of four years - on a day by day basis

Kiran Moodley@kirancmoodley
Wednesday 16 September 2015 11:13
WW1 map: How Europe changed in just one minute

101 years on from the start of one of the deadliest conflicts in history, which cost the lives of roughly 16 million people, this video shows the changing face of Europe during the First World War - on a day by day basis.

The video was created by Emperor Tigerstar, who wants "people to learn history the easy way with visual map animations."

The one-minute video shows just how slight most boundary changes were during WW1, as the Allies (the UK, France and the Russian Empire) fought the Central Powers of Germany and Austria-Hungary, with other nations such as Italy, Japan, the US, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire later joining the conflict.

The only major notable change occurs in 1917 when the Russian government falls and the Bolsheviks, successful after their revolution, sign the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk that ended Russia's involvement in the conflict, a major victory for the Central Powers and leaving the Allies without one of its key powers.

Video courtesy of EmperorTigerstar.

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