Xi Jinping UK visit: Propaganda video claims Britain and China are 'closer than you think'

The video called 'Britain meets China' was rolled out over the weekend ahead of XI Jingping's visit to the UK

Charlie Atkin
Tuesday 20 October 2015 15:45
Britain meets China - propaganda video

A creepy propaganda video has emerged to coincide with Xi Jinping's visit to the UK, claiming that Britain and China are 'closer than you think.'

Through different chapters the video tries to explain how closely connected the two nations are, using education, football and Chinese investment in UK businesses as proof.

Opening with a look at the program organised between West Yorkshire's Dane Royd School and Longjiang Primary in Chengdu, we are told a good relationship is made by 'starting as young as possible.'

Impressionability aside, we're told that the children learn their 'similarities are more profound than the differences,' seemingly through playing cricket and umbrella dancing as well as language classes. Even stereotypes are proven to be false as the Chinese teacher remarks how surprised she was that the British children weren't "naughty."

Moving on from education, football is described as "a shared passion" for both countries.

Chinese players believe their President's love of the sport will be conducive to future success, with their national team having only made the Word Cup once in 2002.

Finally viewers are regaled with the story of the London Taxi Company, who would have gone bust without investment from Chinese auto maker Geely.

The combination of tradition and innovation is at the heart of the deal described as "one of the best things that could have happened to the company," according to CEO Peter Johansen.

As if we needed reassuring, Mr Johansen declares Geely "very honourable people."

The video was made by Fuxing Road, which told Quartz it had no affiliations to the government and is privately funded.

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