YouTube mashup shows Ed Balls' head bobs like the dog from the Churchill advert


Felicity Morse@FelicityMorse
Wednesday 22 January 2014 14:28

Another week and another round of Prime Minister's Questions with very few answers. Yet although the reasons for Cameron and Miliband's mutual mocking changes, look a little closer and you will notice there is always one constant.

It is Ed Balls’ nodding head, his neck seemingly elastic as it bobs enthusiastic agreement with everything Ed Miliband intones. In fact, once noticed, it is almost hypnotic, its rhythm bouncing and popping, sometimes staccato, sometimes legato, depending on the flow of the Labour leader’s ripostes.

Often it is frenzied, building into a spiky-haired crescendo, with the Shadow Chancellor’s head moving like the dog from the Churchill insurance advert. Its earnest activity is in direct contrast to the facial expression of Andrew Lansley across the benches, whose facial expression slowly drips down his face like cold porridge thrown at the wall.

If you too have noticed Ed Balls’ bobbing head, you’re not alone. One Youtube user has put together a mashup of Ed Balls’ bobs, and whatever your political persuasion, it’s very funny.

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