This is what happens when you tattoo Charmander on yourself, drunk, and with no experience

It's super ineffective

Forget Left Shark, there's a new slightly rubbish but loveable animal meme in town.

The internet has been guffawing over this guy's attempt at a Charmander tattoo this morning, which apparently was done "with no experience or artistic ability" while drunk and on Xanax.

The shading's terrible, the outline's jagged, the colouring's non-existent and the tail flame looks all sad and impotent.

If it evolved, it wouldn't be into a Charmeleon but a Charfnnerferggferzzzr. The reaction memes are already plentiful:

Reddit user yllwsnow2 (of course that's his username) has since clarified who the "artist" was, and he looks exactly like you'd expect:

27-years-old, the man apparently "woke up the next morning and asked his friend why he didn't stop him. His friend said he tried multiple times."

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