What's next, the stage? Parrot who can 'play dead' lands job at Legoland

Charlie, the blue-and-gold macaw, outshone the other candidates

Victoria Richards@nakedvix
Thursday 13 March 2014 14:42

It may sound like a madcap caper from a children's book, but this time it's real - Charlie, a 32-year-old macaw, has landed a job at Legoland.

A round of auditions saw Charlie face stiff competition until she reached the final four, where she saw off Tracey, a scooting scarlet macaw; Zico, a dab hand with a tiny trolley; and Jethro, who puts gold coins inside a tiny treasure chest.

Judges were so impressed with the blue-and-gold bird's ability to roll over and "play dead" - among other talents - that they described her as a "born buccaneering double-bluffer", "perfect pirate's first mate" and crowned her "parrot-in-residence" at the family attraction.

She'll move from her home in Pickering, North Yorkshire, to the theme park in Windsor - where she'll be pride of place at new attraction, Castaway Camp.

Her owner, Peter Bloom, who's had Charlie for 30 years, said it was her skill at "playing dead" that won her the job, while Legoland spokeswoman Lauren Moss said Charlie had "that extra touch of piratey mischief".

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