Witness in West trial 'killed himself'

Tuesday 23 January 1996 01:02

A witness who "cracked up" under the stress of the trial of serial killer Rosemary West has been found dead, police confirmed last night.

Terry Crick, 48, a former friend who once lived with Frederick and Rosemary West, was found dead in his car near Hackness, a rural area on the outskirts of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, last Wednesday. A hose is understood to have been connected to the car exhaust. Police confirmed that Mr Crick is believed to have killed himself.

During the "House of Horrors" trial Mr Crick told the court how Frederick West had set up shop as a back-street abortionist and asked him to help. He was distraught afterwards, sobbing: "I am haunted, cracking up." Mr Crick had spoken of being frustrated "to the point of madness" because he felt he had not come clean in court about the Wests.

Rosemary West was sentenced to 10 life sentences for her part in the killings. Frederick West killed himself before he could face trial.

After Rose West was sentenced Mr Crick said: "Now Rose has been found guilty I can perhaps give a sigh of relief, but I am sure that there are more bodies."

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