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Alex Jones verdict: Sandy Hook families say ‘good prevails’ as Infowars conspiracist to pay $1billion

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Bevan Hurley
Thursday 13 October 2022 18:09 BST
Alex Jones trial: Sandy Hook families react as jury award them $965m in defamation case

A jury has awarded the relatives of Sandy Hook victims a combined $965m in damages after reaching their verdict in Alex Jones’ defamation trial on Wednesday afternoon.

The six-person panel spent more than three days deliberating how much the Infowars host must pay in damages to the plaintiffs - including 15 family members who lost loved ones in the 2012 shooting and a former FBI agent who responded to the scene.

Family members openly wept in court as the individual damages amounts were read out for each plaintiff.

“Good does prevail,” Nicole Hockley, who lost her son Dylan in the massacre, said outside court.

The highest individual damages award was $120m, which went to Robbie Parker, who lost his 6-year-old daughter Emilie in the shooting.

The sum of $965m in damages comes after a Texas jury awarded nearly $50m in damages against Mr Jones in a separate defamation trial.

As the damages verdict was read out in court, Mr Jones told viewers on his Infowars site: “I want to be the billion dollar man.”


Judge Barbara Bellis returns to courtroom

Judge Bellis says the jury have reached a unanimous verdict.

Bevan Hurley12 October 2022 20:22

Judge Bellis is now reading the completed verdict forms

“Just bear with me,” she tells the courtroom.

Bevan Hurley12 October 2022 20:25

Judge Bellis is sending the jury back to complete paperwork

There will be a slight delay before we know the damages amount awarded against Alex Jones.

“I am going to send you back with very minor instruction,” she tells the jurors.

“I had asked you to have the foreperson initial each page as well as sign.”

The families’ nervous wait will continue for a few more minutes.

Bevan Hurley12 October 2022 20:28

‘We are ready with our unanimous verdict'

A note from the jury foreperson has been passed to the judge, and the jury are returning to the courtroom in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Bevan Hurley12 October 2022 20:35

$120m to first plaintiff Robbie Parker

Robbie Parker, the first plaintiff, is to receive $120m, the jury decides for defamation and emotional distress.

That’s for just one of 15 plaintiffs.

Bevan Hurley12 October 2022 20:40

Robbie Parker reacts after being awarded $120,

Robbie Parker listens as a jury awards him $120m.

Robert Parker reacts in court after being awarded $120m in damages

Bevan Hurley12 October 2022 20:48

A total of $965m awarded to 15 Sandy Hook relatives

The jury has awarded a total of $965m to 15 family members who lost relatives in the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Bevan Hurley12 October 2022 20:57

Judge thanks jury and discharges them

Judge Barbara Bellis thanked the jury for their service and has discharged them.

The attorneys were asked if they had any comments to the jury, and both declined.

Bevan Hurley12 October 2022 20:58

Far-right extremist Alex Jones ordered to pay $965m

Read our full write up after a jury awards $965m to the Sandy Hook families.

Far-right extremist Alex Jones ordered to pay $965m to Sandy Hook victims’ families

Verdict comes following four weeks of courtroom testimony where parents broke down in tears testifying about the toll his lies had taken while the conspiracy theorist ranted that he was ‘done apologising’

Bevan Hurley12 October 2022 21:00

‘I want to be the billion dollar man!'

As the $965m damages verdict was read out in court, Alex Jones was broadcasting on his Infowars site.

“I want to be the billion dollar man,” he told his audience.

Full story below.

Alex Jones cheers as he watches verdict live on Infowars show

Jones calls the verdict ‘delusional leftist crap,’ asks audience for donations

Bevan Hurley12 October 2022 21:05

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