American woman arrested after live-streaming herself drunk driving

23-year-old Whitney Marie Beall streamed herself drunk driving on the app Periscope

Charlie Atkin
Wednesday 14 October 2015 13:12
Periscope Drunk Driver

A 23-year-old American woman has been arrested after live-streaming herself drunk driving.

Whitney Marie Beall could face time in jail after allegedly hitting a road sign before police spotted her stream and tracked her down.

In the video Beall can be heard saying, "I'm driving home drunk, let's see if I get a DUI."

Viewers of the video called the Lakeland Police Department to report the incident, with Bell continuously admitting to being inebriated to her audience.

With the app allowing users to stream any video live to the world, Beall chose to title her Periscope stream 'Drunk girl driving'.

Drunk Driving Girl on Periscope Gets ArrestedOn October 10th, the Lakeland Police Department began receiving 911 calls...

Posted by LakelandPD on Monday, 12 October 2015

The app also allows viewers to comment on what they are watching, with most of Beall's audience asking her to stop driving.

“Stop for us,” one viewer said.

“You’ll get there faster if you stop and get out and walk,” another commented.

As the police reached Beall’s location and pulled her over, she allegedly hit the curb.

Lakeland police said in a Facebook post that they struggled to obtain an exact location at first but then using surrounding landmarks in the video they were able to locate Beall.

The police said the live-streaming event reveals the “dangers of driving while intoxicated through the eyes of a drunk and irresponsible young adult.”

There were no injuries as a result of the incident.