Bank apologises for removing customer's parrot

Wednesday 10 March 2010 09:30

Bank of America apologised to a woman after one of its contractors allegedly trashed her house and took her parrot while wrongly repossessing her home.

Forty-six-year-old Angela Iannelli sued the bank on Monday.

She claims her mortgage was up-to-date when one of the banking giant's contractors damaged furniture, took her pet parrot, Luke, and padlocked her door in October.

In a statement, the bank said it "sincerely apologises" and has tried for months to resolve the issue.

The bank said it has "zero tolerance for this kind of error" and said it will quickly review the lawsuit's allegations and consider any hardship that resulted.

The woman, who lives in the Pittsburgh area, said she eventually got her bird back after repeated calls to the bank.

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